Is it possible for AI to gain consciousness and overcome the human race?

Credit: Gérard Dubois

Throughout the ages, from the smallest of insects to the largest of whales, all living beings with a brain have biologically inherited a consciousness. A consciousness unique to oneself, dependent on one’s own experience.

Whilst we are no different, the same couldn’t be said about our own creation, AI. Resulting in an endless debate that has yet to reach its final verdict. The question will Artificial Intelligence ever gain consciousness, and if it will, what would that look like for the human race?

Though it is not biological in nature, it is undoubtedly been developing. However, there is a concept…

(Chapter 2) Problems that, if not dealt with, will doom humanity.

Whilst several significant figures such as Mark Zuckerberg have a utopian optimism towards artificial intelligence, there are, however, some big names in the tech industry who believe that AI will undoubtedly be their undoing. One such example is Elon Musk, the well-known tech aficionado. The CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, Open AI and several other companies, believes that competition for AI superiority at national levels will be the most likely cause of WW3. To quote, he calls delving deeper into the mysteries of AI is the equivalent to “summoning the demon”.

But why is he scared? Knowing the countless benefits of…

(Chapter 1) Artificial Intelligence And Its Significance

Mankind, throughout history, has gone through massive changes. Dozens, if not hundreds, of advances, have claimed to have revolutionized our lives. Our historical timeline could be broken into 4 great ages, 4 moments that have altered the course of human development, culture, and livelihood. The first of which was the discovery of fire, and the creation of language. Which then led to the great age of agriculture and cities. Now that we had harnessed the omnipotent fire, learned how to communicate, built cities and started farming, humans started looking for ways to encapsulate their knowledge and also share it with…

“Albert Einstein was once asked, ‘How does it feel to be the smartest man alive?’, to which he responded, ‘I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Nikola Tesla.’ ”

Child Of Light

July 10th, 1856. The sky was dark with ominous black clouds, the wind was howling and baying like a wolf into the night. Rain hammered the ground like impenetrable salvo of bullets. Lighting roared its presence in the Austrian empire now known as Croatia, striking mercilessly on to the pitiful scene below.

A mother was in labour during the massive lightning storm, giving birth to a genius. Nikola Tesla. The lightning…

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.”- Arthur C. Clarke (Author)

From building new relationships to making new discoveries, technology has countless benefits. Not only has it improved how we live, but it has also improved for how long we live. Back in 1820 a person could expect to live less than 35 years, today the human life expectancy is 72 years. All thanks to the technological advancements in the healthcare sector.

With endless benefits provided to the patients and easier access for the medical staff, automation has been a game-changer. …

Introduction: What is Machine Learning?

Before giving you a technical definition of what machine learning is let us look at an example. We all know that humans learn from their past experiences and as for machines, they follow instructions given by us.

Take online shopping for an example. An estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide purchase online goods. So imagine this, you shopped for a product online a few days back and then you keep on receiving emails for shopping suggestions. If not this, then you might have noticed that the shopping website or the app recommends you some items that…

Artificial Intelligence is booming. It is not that hard to believe, how just two decades ago Deep Blue a computer beat a chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov. AI is enhancing itself and is becoming better at numerous “human” jobs — diagnosing disease, translating languages, providing customer service — and it’s improving fast. This is raising reasonable fears amongst workers and upcoming students. The fear of automation replacing workers throughout the economy. According to The Guardian, 76% of Americans fear that their job will be lost to AI.

While it’s speculated AI will take over 1.8 million human jobs by the year…

Agam Johal

Currently studying at high school, loves to talk about STEM. Enjoys a game of chess and talking about science. Articles Co-written and discussed with Prem.C

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